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The Kla Trey | Cambodian Fishing Cat Project is an independent project and therefore only committed to achieving our goals and objectives. Our funding is comprised of direct awards linked to our work on the ground. We collaborate with local and international organisations working in Cambodia, especially at the landscape level, with whom we will share resources, expertise and best practice.

As an independent project, we operate on a small budget. But we still want to think big, for the sake of Fishing Cats and others in PKWS. Our “muddy boots” research calls attention to this wildlife sanctuary which contains some of the most significant mangrove forests in Southeast Asia.

 There are several ways you can support our work:

Support our Race to Save the Fishing Cat

– we welcome donations from individuals and organisations.

You can donate to our crowdfunding campaign here. All contributions will be acknowledged and donors will receive regular updates about our activities.

Our Race to Save the Fishing Cat crowdfunding campaign

Our Race to Save the Fishing Cat crowdfunding campaign

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Spread the word! Small (and medium) sized cats shouldn’t mean small potatoes! These lesser known  wild cat species face big threats too! Since 2007 they have received just 0.78% of all cat conservation funding compared to the “Big Seven”. This trend could change if more people knew about the other 35 wild cat species out there!

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For us, fellow Fishing Cat researcher in Sri Lanka, Anya Ratnayaka put it best: “the fishing cat is the most charismatic focal species to be found [in the world’s] wetlands.”

Thank you!