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Sad news from Java:

Fishing Cats Quietly Slink Out of Existence in Southeast Asia

22 March 2017 – Global Wildlife Conservation in Cat Watch blog, National Geographic


“After extensive camera trap surveys in key habitat failed to reveal a single fishing cat in Java, conservationists fear that the unique water-loving feline may be on the verge of extinction in Indonesia, if not already extirpated there.”

“If the fishing cat is gone from Indonesia, it is following the extinction of the Bali Tiger in the late 1930s and the Java Tiger in the mid-1970s,” says Frederic Launay from Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, which helped fund the most recent camera trap surveys that wrapped up at the end of October 2016 and targeted habitat that scientists had not surveyed previously. “This is sad news, but we hope that we are proved wrong and the fishing cat is re-discovered on Java. Nevertheless, fishing cats still exist across a wide range and our focus should be on assessing population health and reducing threats elsewhere.”


…“We’re seeing a southern and southeast Asian cat become strictly a South Asian cat because of habitat loss, poaching and retaliatory killing,” says Jim Sanderson, manager of Global Wildlife Conservation’s Small Wild Cat Conservation Program.


…In an attempt to assess the status of fishing cat populations across its range, the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, with help from the Small Cat Conservation Foundation and GWC, has supported 19 fishing cat projects with $155,000 over the past three years. Sanderson plans to travel to Myanmar this year to assess the species’ population there with the help of local conservationists.


“My hope is that by calling attention to the rarity of fishing cats on Java and in other Southeast Asian countries, heroic efforts can be made to locate them as soon as possible so that conservationists can launch efforts to save them in places they still exist. We must not let them slip away without trying,” Sanderson says. “

Amta residents to raise goats to save fishing cats from extinction

21 December 2016- Hindustan Times (India)

Tiasa Adhya featured in Sanctuary Asia: Earth Heroes

8 December 2016- Sanctuary Asia

Tiasa Adhya honoured with Wildlife Service Award from the Sanctuary Foundation for work on Fishing Cat

5 December 2016- Sanctuary Asia

Eco-Warriors: Meet Tiasa Adhya

2 September 2016- She The People TV

Salt concentration in soil increasing in KWS

11 August 2016- Times of India (India)

Escaped death from flood but killed by people

7/8 August 2016 – Newspaper 71 (Bangladesh) (Original here)

A new power plant could devastate the world’s largest mangrove forest

18 July 2016- The Washington Post

The Race to Destruction 

17 July 2016 –  Hans India (India)

Undo damage done to KWS

15 July 2016 – The Hindu (India)


HC stays construction of road in Krishna sanctuary

23 June 2016 –  Times of India (India)


Illegal road being laid through Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary

6 June 2016 –  Times of India (India)


Fighting for the Fishing Cat

1 March 2016 – Earth Island Journal (Nepal)


In the Wild: Fishing Cats in India; Fishing Cats in Nepal

May 2015 – Small Wild Cat Conservation News Inaugural volume:  page 10