Small Wild Cats

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See our Blog post about fantastic photo and video captures of another small wild cat species in the Cardamoms landscape here.

Q&A with Jim SandersonJIm Sanderson Q & AGlobal Wildlife Conservation (GWC) has a new program manager of wild cat conservation:  good colleague, founder of Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation, member of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group and the Fishing Cat Working Group, Jim Sanderson.

We had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside Jim at the First International Fishing Cat Conservation Symposium in Nepal in November 2015 to develop a Conservation Strategy Plan for the Fishing Cat after years of hearing about his concerted efforts to conserve wild cats and their habitats worldwide.

Here Jim talks about his work, including what drives him to conserve small wild cats, his favourite part of fieldwork and his hopes for the future of the planet’s wildlife.


See Jim speak on Small Cat Conservation Alliance at Wildlife Conservation Network Expo at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, CA on October 11, 2014:

Small Wild Cats Face Big Threats, but Receive Little Conservation Funds

We welcome articles such as the below for stimulating debate regarding the 7 large charismatic wild cat species attracting disproportionately more funding, while the other 30 are overlooked.

Small Wild Cats Face Big Threats but Receive Little Conservation Funds

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